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About Spike Ideas

Spike Ideas is a digital agency that has been operating for over 10 years. We develop business strategies, increase sales and improve the reputation of companies. Our field of activity is directly related to the development of websites and web applications for any needs. We undertake the most ambitious projects of any scale.

The mission of Spike Ideas

Our mission is to create all conditions for the development of an Internet project. We are able to solve all tasks that our clients set for us based on many years of experience and applying the latest digital technology.

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Types of our services

Digital marketing

We use all the methods, means and activities that allow notifying many people, attracting the attention of potential customers to the company.


Only modern and most effective methods for promoting your sites in search engines, individual strategies for each client.

Front-end development

We provide the best front-end development strategies based on the individual preferences of each client.

Back-end development

We will ensure the best interplay between the server, app, and database by applying modern back-end development.

Seo on Yelp

We promote your business on Yelp search, we bring it to a top position by key phrases, we increase the number of orders from Yelp.


We provide consultations on the business management on Yelp and promotion your services on the platform.



  • Marketing and Analysis - max
  • Account optimization - max
  • Content marketing - min
  • Traffic shaping - min
  • Reputation improvement - min
  • Position improvement - min
  • Use of paid tools - min
  • SEO site - No
  • Reporting - Yes


  • Marketing and Analysis - max
  • Account optimization - max
  • Content marketing - max
  • Traffic shaping - mid
  • Reputation improvement - max
  • Position improvement - mid
  • Use of paid tools - min
  • SEO site - No
  • Reporting - Yes


  • Marketing and Analysis - max
  • Account optimization - max
  • Content marketing - max
  • Traffic shaping - max
  • Reputation improvement - max
  • Position improvement - max
  • Use of paid tools - max
  • SEO site - Yes
  • Reporting - Yes


How to Pay Yelp Less

What is Yelp or other similar platforms? First of all, it’s a commercial project that should be profitable for its creators and investors.


6 key success factors on Yelp

Let's analyze the factors together that will help us to become the most conspicuous business among the rest on Yelp.


Pros and cons of business registration on Yelp

We must consider the positive and negative points of creating your business page on Yelp.



This is a set of methods aimed at increasing the popularity of your business on Yelp, increasing orders and calls from the platform. We use only reliable and effective methods that work. We have an individual approach to each business, we study your niche and your competitors in detail, so that our advertisement on Yelp would be the most effective for you.

It all depends on the goals you want to achieve, the industry of your business and many other factors. All your investments will pay off from orders and calls from Yelp, we will save your money and manage them as efficiently as possible for your business.

It depends on many factors - the competitiveness of your business, the age of your business page, the certain reputation of your business at the moment, region of promotion and others. We can guarantee a good result in 3-9 months after the launch of the promotion.

In just 2 years, we have managed to achieve enormous success in the field of Yelp promotion. Our clients have become leaders on Yelp ranking they are recognizable and have a good reputation there.

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